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Tiffany Crockett (she/they), LMHC (MA) 

Tiffany Crockett a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Expressive Art Therapist. She is not a blank slate therapist and is quite expressive (which could be assumed due to being an expressive art therapist). They have personal experience with mental health illnesses, chronic physical health issues, addiction as well as their own fair share of trauma. She is no stranger to being in your chair. They also are very transparent about where they stand politically aka human rights and am a loud and proud queer! Therapy already has power dynamics and she, as a white cis person, is very aware of this and does her best to name it, listen and make changes when needed.

They also are someone that is enm and has experience in the kink/fetish community, as well as providing care for those in this area - including sex workers. She is a strong believer in community support before reaching out to the police. They are here to sit in the muddy waters with you BUT best believe they will be there to reflect when it's time to get up!

She likes to think of herself as a river guide. She will give you info on what trees are best to use for your boat and help you build your boat. They will go on the boat with you and point out hazards but it is up to you to keep paddling that boat and letting them know how you are feeling and what you are up for. Let's start building that boat!

Tiffany offers telehealth services across Massachusetts. She accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aenta and Optum insurances. Optum is typically referred to for Harvard Pilgrim and UnitedHealthcare, but can refer to other insurance as well. Otherwise, they currently charge $175 for the initial intake session and $150 for every individual session, as well as offers support with out of network reimbursement.

If you are interested in getting to know Tiffany Crockett better, please contact us.


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