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Is PTSD Preventing You From Achieving A Fulfilling Life?

  • Is your life lacking pleasure because you're used to feeling numb? Are you always preparing for the worst case scenario?

  • Do you suffer from nightmares or are easily startled?

  • Have your relationships been affected by unhealthy patterns or unresolved feelings from your past?

Perhaps you are LGBTQIA+ and have been rejected by your family or those around you for being who you are or maybe you suffered some form of sexual or physical abuse or trauma as a child and feeling emotionally burdened by your past. Alternatively, you may not characterize your upbringing or history as traumatic despite having experienced some degree of emotional neglect. It's possible that the unresolved issues from your past have contributed to feelings of isolation and led to self-destructive patterns and behaviors.

Trauma comes in many forms and affects individuals in different ways. You may be experiencing somatic symptoms such as poor sleep, digestive issues, and headaches or migraines. Perhaps you feel stuck, unable to make progress, and frozen when it comes to making decisions. As a result, lack of decisiveness and assertion has impacted your life at home, at work, or among your circle of friends.

Despite being surrounded by others, you may feels chronically lonely or that your needs are not getting met in your relationships. There may be ongoing conflict that you can't seem to resolve, resulting in unhealthy interpersonal patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, and a general sense that you cannot control your emotions.

This degree of emotional pain is burdensome, and while you may appear to the outside world as having it together, unresolved distress can cause you to feel like you are crumbling on the inside. However, you don't have to be alone in building yourself back up. Our team is trained and available to help you navigate and overcome your trauma through counseling.

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Therapy Gives You An Opportunity To Feel Yourself Again

You can feel yourself again and obtain relief from emotional distress once you learn to tolerate the entire range of emotions you experience—including the especially painful ones. Therapy allows you to gain insight and explore your past so that you can develop a better understanding of your experiences and how they have impacted you. By working through your trauma, you will begin to experience emotional congruence; in other words, therapy allows for what you feel on the inside to match up with what the world sees on the outside. 

Moreover, by overcoming the hurdles and resolving the blocks that have hindered your progress for so long, therapy also opens up an opportunity to be more mindful and deliberate. Such authenticity will allow you to foster meaningful connections with others and feel self-sufficient when it comes to confronting and weathering all of life’s struggles. 

Throughout the process of trauma counseling, namely EMDR, you and your clinician will collaborate in finding meaningful solutions together. By tailoring their approach to meet the needs of each unique client, your clinician will empower and support you as you explore your history and the belief system that you developed as a result of your experiences. By viewing trauma as multidimensional, they will not only focus on the traumatic event(s) but also discuss how these painful experiences shaped the narrative of your life and branched out into other areas of your story that may, on the surface, appear otherwise unrelated. 

Over time, you will gain a newfound sense of self-awareness and insight as you develop a better understanding of how past trauma has informed your reactions to the world around you. With an integrative approach, your clinician will help you to interpret trauma’s effect on your brain, reduce disruptive symptoms, and gain a sense of control over your emotions. Our team aims to treat the whole person so that you can begin to see that your thoughts, emotions, behaviors work in tandem and not independently from one another. 

Our team has years of experience counseling clients who are struggling with symptoms and emotional distress related to trauma. We have seen the value of therapy in facilitating relief from the psychological and emotional pain they are enduring. And most importantly, we have witnessed the meaningful transformation that can take place when a client’s internal sense of self matches up with their external one. 

Hope is within your reach, and it is possible for you to experience pleasure, peace, and fulfillment once again. You’ve already done the hardest part—enduring your trauma. Let our team help you heal and make sense of your experience so that you can move away from the pain and into a life of promise. 

Therapy is an investment in yourself and your mental health. We are ready to support you in leading a life without constant challenge. Contacting us is the first step in finding peace of mind.

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