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Phoebe Hannon, LCSW (they/them) (MA)

Phoebe is a white, queer and trans therapist who believes that we all have an innate capacity for healing. They offer a warm and authentic space to connect, understanding “problems” in the context of societal oppression rather than as individual failures or pathologies. They offer a space where grief, anger and all parts of you are welcome, where you can un-mask and experience acceptance, where you can examine and rewrite old stories that no longer serve you, and envision new futures. Therapy with each person is different, but they try to be a fully present witness with you, attending to what comes up and designing the space together as we go. 


They love using creative expression (drawing, writing, poetry, music, play, movement, and more) in therapy as a way to express feelings and stories that words alone can’t always reach. They also believe that attention to the body (if/when it feels safe) can be deeply impactful, helping you collaboratively ground your work together in your body’s innate wisdom and capacity to heal itself. 

To "rattle off a bit of the therapy speak", they are a trauma-informed, sex-positive, therapist and draw from a variety of theoretical frameworks including psychodynamic, relational, attachment, narrative, and internal family systems theories. They work with many different types of people but they specifically want to mention that they affirm clients who are neurodivergent, autistic, non-monogamous, kinky, disabled, queer, trans, bisexual, ace, intersex, POC, religious/spiritual (and those have experienced religious or cult trauma), and people who hear voices  

Phoebe offers telehealth services across Massachusetts and accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts (Commercial), Aetna and Cigna insurances. Otherwise, they currently charge $200 for the initial intake session and $175 for every individual session, as well as offers support with out of network reimbursement.

If you are interested in getting to know Phoebe Hannon better, please contact us.


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